Monday Night! Dr. Daniel Reiser and Henry Abramson at Touro College

Touro College is honored to welcome a great Israeli scholar to the Mighty Avenue J campus this Monday night at 7:00 pm sharp. Dr. Daniel Reiser, winner of the Yad Vashem Prize for Holocaust Research and the World Union of Jewish Studies Prize for the Best Book on Jewish Thought, will speak about his pathbreaking scholarship on the life of the martyred Rabbi Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira (the “Aish Kodesh”).

Rabbi Shapira, trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto, heroically tended to his beleaguered followers until his execution in the context of a November 1943 uprising. Anticipating his ultimate end, he gave his manuscripts to the secret Oneg Shabbat archive for burial. No survivors lived to reveal the location of the cache, but in December 1950 a Polish construction worker clearing rubble from the ghetto unearthed this spiritual treasure, entombed within two tin milk containers.

Dr. Reiser’s painstaking research on the raw, almost undecipherable text of Rabbi Shapiro’s wartime writings, has been hailed as a major turning point in research on the life of religious Jews during the Holocaust.

Please join us in the Main Auditorium of Touro College, 1602 Avenue J, at 7:00 pm for what promises to be an intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting presentation. Dr. Abramson, whose own book on Rabbi Shapira relied heavily on Dr. Reiser’s research, will introduce him.

Free and open to the community.

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