Tonight! Crash Course in Jewish History Part II

Good morning students, colleagues, and other lovers of Jewish history!

Tonight (Wednesday, September 11) we are scheduled to resume our Crash Course in Jewish History with Part II, focusing on the medieval period from the compilation of the Mishnah at the turn of the 3rd century through the Spanish Expulsion of 1492.

Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst, 7:30 (prompt)-8:30 pm

Open to the Community, Free of Charge, Light Refreshments, etc.

Last week we were surprised by an unusually large audience: we set out seats for 40 super-motivated fans of Jewish history with another 20 in reserve, and ended up drawing over 100, the audience spilling and listening from the hallway. I felt really gratified by the positive response–thank you all so much for coming!

Anyway, tonight we are preparing for a larger crowd, so everyone will be able to have a seat in comfort (not to mention the tasty snacks). Thanks to tonight’s sponsors, Dr. & Mrs. Rubin & Mandy Brecher, as well as the Jewish History Committee, especially Livia Rottenberg and Ricky Adler, as well as the YILC executive and staff for the great promotion of the series: Marvin Schenker, Becki Faska, and George in Maintenance for the quick response set up.

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Crash Course in Jewish History, Part I: Ancient Israel

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  1. Watched Part One and looking forward to tonight’s lecture. Also I left you a question on your Instagram page. Did you do any lectures that describe the reaction to the destruction of the second temple of Jews outside Jerusalem? For that matter, any lectures about Jewish daily life outside Israel during that time?

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