1. Hanan Burghauser says:

    What A truly remarkable presentation not about history Per se,but about modern times within the realm of it’s historical background. Yasher Koach, Professor And thank you for your always keen insight. You are surely the teacher of the masses. Todah Rabah!

    1. BARRY SLAVIN says:

      A wonderful insight. I am the son of a UKRAINIAN born immigrant orphan who was born and spent some of his formative years in ZAPORIZHYE.I visited in 2017 to view my paternal roots and look for any documentation about my family which I found in the ZAPOROZHYIAN archives with the assistance of RABBI NOCHUM EHRENTREAU of CHABAD LUBAVICH ZAPOROZHYE. Have visited most of the sites referred to in this presentation. Remarkable r” REBIRTH OF THE JEWISH POPULATION of UKRAINE.

  2. Curious says:

    How far back has Zelensky’s family lineage been traced? Has this information been published? Can he be traced to the ancient Jewish tribes? Where could I search for more information?

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