The Ashkenazium Lectures (Free Registration); Historically Significant Ukrainian Jews; New Material in Biblical Jewish History Course

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Twelve Lectures on the Jews of Ashkenaz (Free Registration)

With gratitude to Dean Michael Chighel of The Ashkenazium of Budapest, my new series of lectures on the history of the Jews of Ashkenaz will be open to the global community of students of Jewish history via webinar. Please visit for details and registration. Lectures are scheduled for Monday-Thursday, March 21-24 and Monday-Tuesday March 28-29, 13:00-16:30 CET (8:00 am-11:30 am ET). Visit the course website for advance preparation. Join us!

A Selection of Historically Significant Ukrainian Jews

Premiering at 12:00 noon ET, with live chat (12 minutes). Join us!

New Material in Online Biblical Jewish History Course

Returning students: thanks so much for contributing comments to the draft chapters of the textbook! Please be sure to check out the additions to Chapter 3. New students welcome! Please click here for information and to register.

New Video in Jewish History Lab Series: The Holocaust

This video is a very brief treatment, in keeping with the format of the Jewish History Lab series. For a more sophisticated and extended discussion, please visit the online course (free registration).

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