Update on Forthcoming Book; Hasidim vs. Mitnagdim vs. Maskilim; Ukraine and its Jews

Here’s your opportunity to get an advance look at the first volume of my forthcoming The Jewish People: A History.

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Dear fellow students of Jewish History!

I am in the last few months of producing the manuscript of volume one of my forthcoming book, The Jewish People: A History. I’ve been trying an experiment in crowdsourcing the text by allowing access to the draft text to my students, chapter by chapter, in this new online course, Biblical Jewish History. It’s free for teachers and has an almost-free price for students (basically pay what you like: even a low paywall keeps out intellectual vandals). Please consider joining the class! Click on the image above for more information, and if you’re a teacher, please click here.

The Great Conflict: Hasidim, Mitnagdim, Maskilim (The Ashkenazium Lectures Part VIII), premieres today at 12 noon with Live Chat

Ukraine and its Jews

Presented to Congregation Beth Am, Los Altos CA.

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