Napoleon and the Jews of Paris; The Holocaust in Ashkenaz; Chapter 6 of Jewish History online; Renewal Fundraising Goal exceeded!

Formally emancipated in 1790-91, the rights of Jews as citizens were challenged a decade later.

In his typically grandiose fashion, Napoleon addressed the question by reconvening the ancient Great Sanhedrin and asked the Jews of France twelve basic questions.

The Holocaust in Ashkenaz

Part 11 of The Ashkenazium Lectures, premieres today at 12:00 noon ET.

Chapter Six of The Jewish People: A History now online for class members

Click here for course information

On schedule to have the entire draft of Volume 1 online by the end of the Summer!

THANK YOU for supporting kidney donations!

On behalf of my wife Ilana, I want to thank you all for supporting our annual fundraiser for Renewal! With your participation we actually exceeded our goal again this year.

If you didn’t get a chance to join us, the website is still live: you’re not too late to join us!

Jewish Commoner Sues Toxic Boss, 630 BCE

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