What is Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day)? A Thousand Years of Ashkenaz Online Course now Complete! Chapter 6 of The Jewish People: A History now Online

The final Ashkenazium lecture is now online!

With this lecture, the online course A Thousand Years of Ashkenaz is now complete! Twelve Modules and 56 lessons in length (mostly videos). Enjoy in good health!

Chapter Six of The Jewish People: A History Now Online!

Arthur Szyk’s highly emotive impression of Judah Maccabee, c. 1935.
See Richard McBee,
Reading Szyk’s Cards Heroes of Ancient Israel: The Playing Card Art of Arthur Szyk

Over 200 pages of draft text are now available to students in the Biblical Jewish History course. My publisher’s due date is fast approaching, and –I’m really appreciating the feedback from students! I anticipate we should have the entire first volume, Biblical Israel, ready for submission to the team at Koren Publishers by the end of the summer.

What is Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day)?

Are you in the 5 Towns over Shavuot?

Join us at YILC for an all-night study session! Multiple tracks open (including Jewish History, natch), fantastic youth programming too.

Want another chance to save a life?

We’re really proud that 45 donors have helped my wife Ilana and I in our drive to raise $3,600 for Renewal this year: we have exceeded that goal, but the website is still open! You still have an opportunity to perform this incomparable mitsvah of saving a human life by supporting kidney donations.


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