Vladimir Jabotinsky Speaks! Paris 1934 footage

Here’s some amazing 1934 footage of Vladimir Jabotinsky discussing the status of the Jews in interwar Europe–and the crushing need for the establishment of the State of Israel.  Jabotinsky was one of the few Jewish thinkers of the 1930s who anticipated, in one form or another, the Holocaust that would engulf European Jewry.  He speaks in a beautiful, if Russian-accented Yiddish, with Hebrew subtitles.

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  1. I also found this film footage, but since I can’t speak Yiddish or read Hebrew that well I couldn’t fully appreciate it. I thought of suggesting it to you for your lecture, but it’s a bit long for the entire film footage to be presented. You might take a short segment and translate it for your monolingual (aka Anglo Americans) Internet audience😉. That’s my little joke, lol!

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